Title: How can I file thee, PCT? Let me count the ways!

Bruce Young,

There are many different decisions that must be made as a part of filing a PCT application. This blog article will outline some of the decisions that you will need to make in determining how to file a PCT application for your client, and discuss some of the options that may be available to you. Many of the issues raised here are too complex to completely cover in a blog article. Other resources, such as the PCT rules themselves (, courses from the PCT Learning Center (, and the PCT Applicant’s Guide (, as well as our very own NAPP member’s forum, can be helpful in determining answers to specific questions.

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Title: Avoiding a First-Action Final Office Action - May 14, 2018

Avoiding a First-Action Final Office Action


There is a natural rhythm to patent prosecution, from non-final, to amendment, to final, to RCE, but that rhythm can be disrupted by an aggressive patent examiner. While the patent practitioner generally expects a new non-final Office Action after filing an RCE or continuing application, a first-action Final Office Action can sometimes result. This cuts off many of the applicant’s options for advancing prosecution and there are few events in patent prosecution that are more frustrating.

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Title: Are Patents Beneficial? - April 12th 2018

Are Patents Beneficial?


So, let's say you're at a family gathering and one of your acquaintances, upon finding out that you're a patent prosecutor, looks at you thoughtfully and says "Is it a good thing for ideas to be owned? Why is the government even in the business of granting monopolies?"

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