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Board of Directors and Officers Terms and Elections

The Board of Directors is currently comprised of nine (9) practitioner members who serve a three-year term. The Officers are also Directors and practitioner members who serve a one-year term. Terms commence upon election at the Annual Meeting. Elections for three (3) Directors are held every year at the Annual Meeting.  To view current director's terms please click here.

NAPP members are also active in leadership as Committee Chairs.

Lisa Adelson - Chair, Annual Meeting and Conference (AMC) Committee
David Grossman
Louis Hoffman - Board Chair
Jerry Miller - Chair, Governance Committee
Bruce Young

Officers (also serve as Directors)
Jeff Wendt - President
David Stein - Vice President, and Chair, Government Affairs Committee
Dan Beinart - Secretary, and Chair of Member Benefits Committee
William Richards - Treasurer

Executive Staff
John Meidl - Executive Director 

See "Committee" pages to email Committee Chairs directly

If you are interested in serving in a NAPP leadership position, please contact John Meidl



This document is intended to provide guidance to members of the NAPP Board of Directors (BOD) and to those NAPP members who are considering running for a position on the Board of Directors. As a Director, you are expected to:

  • Be a NAPP Practitioner Member in good standing with both NAPP and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office at the time of your election and the entire course of your service as a Director.
  • Be forward thinking interested in working to advance the mission and goals of NAPP via volunteer leadership.
  • Be prepared to serve for your entire elected term (Directors are elected to a term of three years commencing upon their election and ending with their replacement by election three years subsequent.)
  • Attend the Annual Meeting and Conference (AMC), and during the AMC assist in AMC administration as needed.
  • Plan to participate in all BOD meetings and BOD Strategy Sessions (almost always via phone or GoToMeeting conference calls).The BOD currently has 12 scheduled BOD meetings and 4 Strategy sessions per year. While it is understood that occasionally anyone might have a conflict and not be able to attend, it is expected that you should be able to attend at least 10 of scheduled 12 BOD meetings, and 3 of the 4 scheduled Strategy Sessions.
  • Notify the BOD if you cannot attend a BOD meeting and know this in advance. If applicable, assure that another BOD member will be there to voice your views.
  • Be an active member of and/or chair a committee.
  • Read, understand and abide by the NAPP Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and all adopted NAPP policies.
  • Honor your fiduciary responsibilities to NAPP.
  • Value diversity in the NAPP membership and the BOD membership.
  • Work with and assist, but do not demand work from, our Executive Director and staff at NAPP’s association management company.
  • Act with candor and brevity in a courteous manner in all NAPP matters.
  • Be prepared to “let go” of matters or issues that have no ready solution rather than slowing down progress.
  • Do not hesitate to move to “table” an issue when no progress can be made (tabling an issue is not “doing nothing”!).
  • Recruit new NAPP members by attending local functions whenever possible and dress appropriately at functions you attend in person.
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