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Member Benefits Include:

NAPP Members-only E-mail Discussion Forums

Only current NAPP members are allowed access to the forums.  Members can post to these forums questions, thoughts and answers about intellectual property rules, theory and procedures, operating a patent practitioner business, recommendations on products, etc.  Many NAPP members with years of experience participate in these forum discussions.  The forums are a great resource for new patent practitioners just embarking on a new career path.

The forums are also a wonderful resource for experienced patent practitioners who need to verify their understandings of rules and procedures or who wish to engage in discussions of complicated patent topics.  The forums provide members an opportunity to share knowledge with peers, an activity which leads to both new and old NAPP members developing and strengthening relationships in the NAPP community.  

NAPP offers two e-mail discussion forums that enable members to interact with each other on a daily basis:

  • Our NAPP Patent Practice Forum is focused on patent prosecution issues only. 

  • Our NAPP General Discussion Forum enables members to discuss other issues such as member-to-member referrals, legislative issues and non-patent prosecution matters.

NAPP Newsstand in partnership with Lexology - A daily digest sent to your inbox on patent related information.

NAPP Vendor Access Program (for Vendors)

NAPP Professional Liability Insurance ProgramAn insurance program tailored to cover the liabilities and risks associated with patent prosecution practice.  A national insurance carrier provides a discount to NAPP members in good standing, and a further discount to NAPP Certified members. Details are provided in the Member Center after joining.

Participate in the NAPP Best Practices Program - Subscribe to a set of standards that will enhance your patent practice and reduce your professional liability insurance rates.

NAPP Discount Programs - Enjoy discounts on tools and services that enhance a patent practitioner’s ability to practice before the USPTO.

Joint promotion, boost your credibility as a Member of NAPP

NAPP Trademark Access Procedure (2017)

Listed as a NAPP Member in the Find A Practitioner Database - One of a few databases that allows potential clients to search for a patent practitioner based on a practitioner’s area of expertise.

Invitation to the NAPP Annual Meeting - This includes the option of attending and/or speaking at:

Thursday- USPTO Day
Friday- Perspectives Day
Saturday- Practice Integration Day

NOTE: The membership fee is submitted upon completion of the application and is non-refundable.
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