NAPP Newsstand in partnership with Lexology

We are delighted to introduce NAPP Newsstand, a daily email aimed at providing NAPP members with valuable and free practical know-how. This member benefit is a collaborative initiative designed to enhance the professional knowledge and understanding of NAPP members confronting increasingly diverse and complex issues of IP law.

By partnering with innovative newsfeed service Lexology, NAPP Newsstand has access to a global legal knowledge base that helps  us deliver on a daily basis essential know-how and market intelligence to the desktops of NAPP members. The newsfeed is tailored with default settings for patent and design content in all jurisdictions. There is a wide variety of additional content available, including trademark, copyright, trade secret and more. If you’d like to change your settings and further tailor your newsfeed, please visit your account page to add additional work areas and/or jurisdictions for which you would like to be kept up to date.

This new daily email will automatically come to you, so there’s no action needed on your  part. Look for NAPP-specific news at the top of the newsfeed. You are free to change your settings or cancel receipt of the daily email at any time. Your personal details will remain confidential.