Advocacy Committee: Considers proposed legislation, PTO rules and procedures, and court activity, reports to members on how those
events impact their practices, and provides comments in response so as to give a voice to patent practitioners.

Chaired by: Dan Smith                 Board Liaison: Rich Baker

AMC Planning Committee: Outlines the topics and seeks speakers for the annual conference.
Chaired by: Daniel Krueger 

CaseLaw Videos
Chaired by: Vacant                  Board Liaison: John T. Davis

Communications Committee: Seeks to promote NAPP as the leading professional organization for Patent Practitioners. 
Chaired by: Jennifer Bales      Board Liaison: Mike Carey 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Task Force
Chaired by: David Dickerson   Board Liaison: Chris Turoski  

Governance Committee: Reviews the NAPP corporate governance, address changes to the bylaws and articles of incorporation.  The committee also attends to generation of other rules, policies and procedures. 
Chaired by: Daniel Krueger  

Legal Affairs Committee: Advises the organization on contracts and other NAPP legal matters.
Chaired by: Xhavin Sinha

Membership Committee
Chaired by: Genna Hibbs       Board Liaison: Joel Douglas 

Professional Development Committee: Designs educational content for members of NAPP
Chaired by: Anne Fahrni       Board Liaison: Alex Pokot

Programs Committee: Evaluates researches and considers adding new benefits.
Chaired by Mike Bendel      Board Liaison: Daniel Krueger

Project Planning Model Initiative : Seeking Champion

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