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Ask... Answer... Discover.
Stuck in a Patent Problem? Call in the Experts. When you have a question and you cannot find the answer on your own, ask your question in one of these forums and tap into the wealth of knowledge gained from the experience of other NAPP members.

Find A Practitioner - Listed as a NAPP Member in the Find A Practitioner Database - One of a few databases that allows potential clients to search for a patent practitioner based on a practitioner’s area of expertise.

NAPP Newsstand in partnership with Lexology - A daily digest sent to your inbox on patent related information.

NAPP Professional Liability Insurance - An insurance program tailored to cover the liabilities and risks associated with patent prosecution practice. A national insurance carrier provides a discount to NAPP members in good standing.

NAPP Mentor/Mentee Program

NAPP Discount Programs - Enjoy discounts on tools and services that enhance a patent practitioner’s ability to practice before the USPTO.

NAPP Trademark Access Procedure (2017)
NAPP Members: NAPP Trademark User Agreement for NAPP Members and Small Firms (2017)
NAPP Sponsor/NAPP Vendor: NAPP Trademark User Agreement for NAPP Sponsors and Vendors (2017)

NAPP Annual Meeting & Conference
What makes NAPP AMC different from anything you’ve ever done before? Come see for yourself!

New and experienced professionals leave excited, inspired, and ready to take their practice to the next level.
Don't miss NAPP's Annual Meeting & Conference. The event will be filled with training and important announcements, along with networking and social events. Experience the training you need first-hand from well known leaders from across the country. Celebrate successes with your team and network with members of NAPP from around the world. This event will go beyond the weekend, creating momentum in your practice for months to come.

NAPP Vendor Access Program
NOTE: The membership fee is submitted upon completion of the application and is non-refundable.