NAPP eNews™/October/ 2022


NAPP President's Message

NAPP is making a difference in the patent profession. For example, in October alone, NAPP engaged in the following local and national advocacy efforts: (i) a letter to Senator Thom Tillis, Ranking Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee's Subcommittee on Intellectual Property, proposing changes to 35 U.S.C. Sec. 101; and (ii) impact statements to the Colorado Standing Committee on the Rules of Professional Conduct in the area of patent practitioners harmonization.

NAPP is also delivering programs for its members, for example, the:

  • Professional Development Committee gave live educational webinars.
  • Programs Committee obtained member subscriptions to the Patent Bots Prep & Pros Pro tool.
  • Communications Committee shared information on NAPP's social media channels (please follow and join the conversation on Twitter and LinkedIn, and
  • Membership Committee welcomed each new member who joined the organization.

If you'd like to help get involved in any of these efforts to make a difference in the patent profession, please get in touch with a committee chair or NAPP's executive director at [email protected].

Christopher M. Turoski
President, National Association of Patent Practitioners (NAPP)


NAPP’s AMC Planning Committee could you use your assistance with program development and ideas for social activities for the 2023 AMC conference in Old Town Alexandria, VA. If you are interested in joining the committee, please contact Karen Miles ([email protected]). Monthly commitment is typically 1 - 2 hours dedicated to a planning call and a few follow up communications to potential speakers or sponsors.


We are pleased to announce that the 2018 and 2021 AMC session recordings are available exclusively for NAPP member access only. The AMC recordings are available on the NAPP website ( from the Resources menu or the AMC History menu. You must have your NAPP member credentials to login to view the recordings. Please contact the NAPP office at [email protected] if you require assistance with login.


NAPP’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages are gaining in popularity. We encourage you to comment on posts or share NAPP content with colleagues and friends who would benefit from the information like the free webinar offerings, conference recordings, blogs, articles, and other news related to patent professionals. Please take a moment right now and visit the NAPP social media pages and click “Like” or “Follow.” 

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@NAPP1996 on Twitter
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The Colorado local meetup host monthly meetings mostly every 3rd Wednesday at 7PM MT. The next meeting is scheduled Wednesday, November 16th from 7:00 – 8:00pm and the topic is “Issues Related to Small Claims.”

Meeting Details:
US) +1 929-260-4438
PIN: 135024863#


Have you signed into the NAPP Forum lately? Checkout the current hot topics:

The Forum is a great online resource and includes a very interactive member community. This is a member benefit and requires different login credentials than your NAPP member information. Please contact the NAPP office at [email protected] if you are having trouble accessing the site.


The Meet A Member spotlight is a monthly showcase of our amazing members and their stories! This month we introduce new member Sarah Foley

Would you like to be highlighted or have someone to suggest for a member spotlight? Contact Karen Miles ([email protected])


The two members of NAPP’s Governance Committee are working to review/update NAPP’s existing policies (e.g., Best Practices for Committees) and to update the Board Manual. Once those formalities are complete, the committee intends to develop ideas for increasing member participation and leadership. If you believe NAPP can become THE organization of choice for patent practitioners, we want you to join our committee to help us make it happen! Please contact Dan Krueger or Karen Miles ([email protected]). 

COMING SOON…Patent Bots Prep & Pros Pro tool…FREE*…FOR NAPP MEMBERS!

Through collaboration with Patent Bots LLC, most* of our members will be entitled, as included within their current membership fee, to a subscription to the Patent Bots Prep & Pros Pro tool (see link here to check it, and related products, out:  The subscription starts December 1, 2022 and will last at least one year.  Most* of our members will have access, and to do so you will need to create a Patent Bots account using the same email address as your NAPP membership, and then a password unique to your Patent Bots account.

Training:  Initial training will be provided by Patent Bots in a Zoom session.  This session will also be recorded and made available to our members for use anytime.  Patent Bots also provides training videos on its Vimeo page that is accessible to all its subscribers, including NAPP members. On-going training and support will be provided via the NAPP forum, for technical support relating to creating Patent Bots accounts, logging in, resetting passwords, installing the Microsoft Word add-in, use of Patent Bots products, etc.  When NAPP members are not able to obtain needed assistance from the forum, information will be provided to contact Patent Bots directly for that assistance.

* WHEN NOT FREE:  While the subscription here is free for most of our members, there is one limitation. If you are a NAPP member who wishes to subscribe to another Patent Bots product in addition to Prep & Pros Pro, you cannot be included in this subscription offer. Rather, you and will need to obtain your own Patent Bots subscription at Patent Bots’ regular prices.  For example, a NAPP member who is a solo practitioner and subscribes to both Prep & Pros Pro and Examiner Statistics, will need to purchase those subscriptions directly from Patent Bots at the current regular price of $55.10/month.

Next Steps:  We are excited about this partnership with Patent Bots and making this offer available to our members. Each member can take advantage of it, or not, as they see fit. If you know you definitely want to take advantage of this offer, or to learn more, please email NAPP at [email protected], and let us know. We will be sure to get you on our list for future communications about to this offer.  Also, watch for more information in upcoming NAPP Newsletters!   


We are in the process of revamping and relaunching this program, including these possible benefits (i) advertising “Compliant with NAPP Best Practices Program”, (ii) better access to professional liability insurance, (iii) a professional liability insurance discount, and (iv) whatever other “benefits” we may be able to package here.  Got some time?  Please join us to help develop the framework for what the program should look like, under the guidance of one of our professional liability insurance company members and other NAPP practitioner members. If interested, please contact Mike Bendel or Karen Miles ([email protected]).


NAPP's Programs Committee is seeking mentors to guide our less experienced members forward on their career trajectory. We're looking for experience, not expertise; someone who can provide newly registered practitioners with a sense of the profession. Mentors must be NAPP members with 10 or more years of patent prosecution experience. Meeting arrangements can vary, but often 1hr/month is enough. (If you're wondering how this is a member benefit, let me say I've really benefited from my experience coaching a mentee and wondering why I haven't followed my own advice.) Interested Members should contact the NAPP Office ([email protected]) to obtain a copy of the NAPP Mentoring Program Agreement and Guidelines. The signed agreements will be forwarded to the Mentoring Committee for approval and matching in due course. We are especially in need of Mentors in the Chemical and Biological Arts.  Help us reach our goal! 

Thank you to the new NAPP members that recently submitted mentee applications! We still have room for more.  Could you benefit from this?  It is as formal or informal as you would like it to be. Tap into the expertise of your NAPP colleagues, and help accelerate up your learning curve and make practice more enjoyable.


NAPP Vendor Access Program provides members only exclusive discounts under the “Benefits” menu of the website (requires your NAPP member credentials to login). A recent addition to our list of vendors is The Patent Sleuth, a Patentability and Prior Art Searching and Data Analytics Services for Medical Device and Telemedicine Startups as well as IP Attorneys and Patent Agents Who Serve Them. Members can receive a 20% discount on any services offered.


Register for the next free live webinar, “Examiner Interviews - Dos and Don'ts” presented by Michael Maicher on November 15 from 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a relative newcomer, this webinar of Examiner Interviews- Dos and Don’ts will help you better represent a client before the USPTO by reviewing helpful tips and information related to conducting an interview for a pending U.S. patent application. We will briefly review the basics and some best practices before having a brief question and answer session. Don’t forget to share your favorite anecdote in the forums!  If you are interested in hearing or presenting on a specific topic, please contact Anne Fahrni or Karen Miles ([email protected]).


NAPP's Professional Development Committee is soliciting blog articles that are of interest to present and prospective members. The selected blog article contributor will gain name recognition and an Amazon gift card! Send your submissions to the NAPP Office at [email protected]


NAPP's Professional Development Committee (PDC) is working on launching a few new programs and we are looking for proactive members to lead and run these programs, including:

  • NAPP’s blog effort;
  • Host forum discussion thread to re-run and discuss recent PDC webinar.
  • Interface with AMC to help administer the contents of past AMCs in the form of discussion threads in forum etc.
  • Provide Q&A support for USPTO event/content.
  • Frontier in Technology and its IP Landscape:
    1. An example from LexisNexis

Augmented Reality
Through the lens of the IP landscape
In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • What is AR, its roots and its role in the metaverse road map.
  • AR vs. AR Optics – one of the key enabling technologies of AR.
  • The patent landscape of AR in terms of filing rates, player rankings and jurisdictions.
  • A new patent landscape index which differentiates between a fragmented or consolidating business space.
        b. Utilize public resources such as WIPO: 

PDC meets virtually every month on the first Thursday of the Month  @ 12 Eastern. Perspective volunteers are welcome to attend the monthly meeting to gain first-hand knowledge of the committee. Please contact Anne Fahrni or Karen Miles ([email protected]) to be invited for the PDC meeting.