NAPP eNews™/February/ 2022


NAPP President's Message

The February's updates show how NAPP members like you make a difference in the patent profession. For example, NAPP members donate their expertise through: (i) developing members who are new the patent profession; (ii) providing practical advice on the NAPP members only forum; (iii) enhancing relationships with the US Patent and Trademark Office; and (iv) advocating for changes in patent policy and practice.

I'm excited NAPP will hold its 26th Annual Meeting and Conference (AMC) in the Greater Boulder area June 17 - 19, 2022. NAPP and its members struggled during the pandemic, so the AMC provides an excellent opportunity to reconnect in person, develop ourselves professionally, and have some fun.

I'm looking forward to working with NAPP leaders to develop a strategic plan to further position NAPP as a dynamic, professional association that impacts the patent profession.

Christopher M. Turoski
President, National Association of Patent Practitioners (NAPP)

Save the Date - AMC 2022

Save the Date! NAPP is planning its 26th Annual Meeting and Conference as an in-person event in scenic Greater Boulder, Colorado on July 17-19, 2022. The AMC Planning Committee is very busy creating an exciting program of experts that will speak on a variety of topics relevant to members daily patent practice. More details to come soon!

NAPP’s New Lands’ End Store

Your source for NAPP branded apparel and accessories. You chose your apparel or accessory item, size, color, and the NAPP logo. You order online, pay online, and the item will be shipped directly to you. Visit the e-store using the Quick Links Menu on the NAPP website or click here.

NAPP’s New Auto Renewal Membership Option

NAPP recently launched a quick and easy automatic membership renewal option. The new NAPP Auto-Renew Program is a convenient way to automatically renew your NAPP membership before it expires. Members enjoy uninterrupted service and avoid the hassle of manually sending a check or entering credit card details online. Just look for the "Auto-Renew" radio button when you renew your NAPP membership.

NAPP Volunteer Judges needed for USPTO 2022 National Patent Application Drafting Competition 

We are looking for just a few more volunteers. NAPP partnered with the USPTO to develop the next generation of patent practitioners through a patent drafting competition for students. The competition introduces law students to issues arising in U.S. patent law and develops their patent application drafting, amending, and prosecution skills. The USPTO specifically asked NAPP to serve as distinguished judges for the competition. As a judge, you will read patent applications, participate in oral arguments, and help students discover the art of patent drafting, prosecution, and oral advocacy. If interested, please send your contact details to the NAPP Office at [email protected]. Genna Hibbs will follow up with more details on judging.

NAPP's Government Affairs Committee

The Government Affairs committee asks everybody to spread the word: NAPP is in the Amicus Brief, Comments, and Law Review article business. Let anybody who's interested know the committee is looking for opportunities to participate in such efforts, and those opportunities should be passed along to Xhavin Sinha or Karen Miles ([email protected]). There is also interest in organizing a student writing competition on patent topics. Let Xhavin or Karen know if you want to be involved.  

Volunteers needed for NAPP's Governance Committee

The Governance Committee is reorganizing, with a goal to promote volunteer opportunities and facilitate member participation. This committee project could potentially transform NAPP into every patent practitioner's organization of choice. If you want to be involved in this transformative effort, please contact Dan Krueger or Karen Miles ([email protected]). 

Call for NAPP Mentors

NAPP's Member Benefits committee is calling for more mentors to sign up for this opportunity to guide our younger members forward on their career trajectory. We're looking for experience, not expertise; someone who can provide newly registered practitioners with a sense of the profession. Mentors must be NAPP members with 10 or more years of patent prosecution experience. Meeting arrangements can vary, but often 1hr/month is enough. (If you're wondering how this is a member benefit, let me say I've really benefited from my experience coaching a mentee and wondering why I haven't followed my own advice.) Interested Members should contact NAPP Executive Director, Karen Miles, ([email protected]) to obtain a copy of the NAPP Mentoring Program Agreement and Guidelines. The signed agreements will be forwarded to the Mentoring Committee for approval and matching in due course. We are especially in need of Mentors in Chemical and Biological Arts. Help us reach our goal!

NAPP's Blog

NAPP's Professional Development Committee is posting monthly blog articles containing longer discussions of interesting patent practice topics relevant to your practice, which you can find on the website under "Blog". The PDC is always soliciting new articles, so if you've recently done a deep dive on a patent practice issue, share your expertise with your fellow members! You'll gain name recognition, and we'll even sweeten the deal with an Amazon gift card! Send your submissions to the NAPP Office at [email protected]

NAPP Member Benefits Committee, NAPP Professional Development Committee, NAPP PR Committee, NAPP Succession Planning Committee

NAPP has a number of committees with lists of ideas and opportunities for member participation. If you want to get involved, contact the NAPP Office ([email protected]) and we'll help you figure out the best fit for your skill set and interests!