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Patent Practice Forum
The discussion on the patent practice forum is limited to questions relating to patent prosecution practice. Questions may include US, PCT and foreign practice, and related subject matter.

General Discussion Forum
Subjects addressed on the General Discussion Forum is not limited. Examples of subject matter suitable for posting include discussions on proposed rule changes, practitioner-practitioner referrals, and general announcements regarding NAPP meetings and events.

Guidelines for Using the NAPP E-Mail Discussion Forums
NAPP expressly reserves the right to moderate or prevent postings to the NAPP Forums for any reason whatsoever. NAPP may change the terms from time to time without notice.

  • Conduct inconsistent with the published guidelines will result in removal from the list.
  • Permissible uses for the NAPP Patent Practice Forum:
    • Questions related to practice before the USPTO.
    • Questions related to PCT practice.
    • Questions related to Foreign practice.
    • Practice tips.
    • Questions/issues regarding client relations.
    • Notification and discussion of USPTO Rule changes.
    • Assistance to academic members having questions relating to preparation for the patent bar exam (e.g., how to prepare for the exam).
    • Members are encouraged to thoroughly research potential answers/solutions prior to requesting assistance from co-members.
  • Permissible uses for the NAPP General Discussion Forum:
    • Notification of new and/or proposed legislation that affects patent prosecution practice.
    • Notification of new services or vendors offering goods/services of interest to patent practitioners.
    • Member to member referrals.
    • Organizational announcements from the Officers and Directors to the organization (e.g., when the next annual meeting will be held, etc.)

The NAPP General Discussion Forum may be used as a source of referral information as diverse as sources for A4 paper, software providers, and foreign associates. All of these questions are appropriate questions to be asked on the NAPP General Discussion Forum. However, the answers for many of these referral-type questions have an extremely limited audience. Therefore, it is suggested that questions of a referral nature include a request that responses be sent privately to the person requesting the information. Other individuals who are also interested in that information should privately contact the original requestor.

Suggested Conduct:

  • Be aware that your postings reflect your level of professionalism and NAPP as a whole.
  • Messages posted to the NAPP Forums should be composed with the same level of decorum appropriate to a communication with the USPTO.
  • Avoid repetitious postings or postings to indicate agreement with a prior posting of another.
  • Use your mail editor to delete all prior messages and disclaimers, leaving only the message to which you are currently responding.
  • Always sign your message with your first and last name.
  • If you have a problem with someone’s conduct on a NAPP Forum, e-mail your complaint along with a copy of the post to
  • If you would like to have your post reviewed prior to sending it to the group, or you would like to remain anonymous with respect to your post, e-mail your post to

By subscribing to the e-mail discussion forums, you are agreeing to the following guidelines and standard terms:

DISCLAIMER: The NAPP Forums are provided as a service to members of the National Association of Patent Practitioners (NAPP) only. Any copying or redistribution of messages from these forums to non-members without the express written consent of NAPP is strictly prohibited. The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the NAPP website apply to this list. NAPP expressly reserves the right to moderate or prevent postings to the Patent Practice Forum™ and to the General Discussion Forum for any reason whatsoever. NAPP may change the terms from time to time without notice. THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, OF ANY TYPE FOR THE INFORMATION CONTAINED HEREIN. MOREOVER, STATEMENTS MADE ON THE DISCUSSION FORUMS ARE NOT INTENDED TO CONSTITUTE LEGAL ADVICE OR CREATE AN ATTORNEY-CLIENT RELATIONSHIP IN ANY MANNER.