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Wednesday, May 24, 2017 12:00 AM

NAPP Annual Meeting & Conference 2017

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San Jose, CA

July 27, 2017 - July 29, 2017

Conference begins at 9:00 AM on Thursday, July 27
Conference ends at 5:00 PM on Saturday, July 29

All sessions will take place in Silicon Valley U.S. Patent & Trademark Office

Silicon Valley USPTO
26 S 4th St
San Jose, CA 95112 | Get Directions

Phone: (408) 918-9900


Lisa Adelson Crowell & Moring
Michael Borella, Ph.D. McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff
John Cabecca U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Priya Cloutier Cloutier Ortega
David Dickerson Patent Attorney
Takashi Fujita Abe, Ikubo & Katayama
Mavis Gallenson Ladas & Parry
Diane Gardner Mastermind IP Law
Dr. Bernard Greenspan Prometheus
Karl Hanson 3M
Louis Hoffman Hoffman Patent Firm
Kenny Ko Kenny's IP
Jonah Probell Patent Agent
Kent Richardson Richardson Oliver Law Group
Russell Slifer Former Deputy Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Deputy Director of USPTO
Mike Songer Prosecutor
David Stein Cooper Legal Group

Agenda: Register Online Today

Subject to change.


DateTime InTime OutFunctionTopicLocation
7/27/2017 8:45AM 5:00PM General Sessions   USPTO
  7:30AM 5:00PM Registration    
  8:00AM 8:45AM BREAKFAST    
  9:00AM 9:05AM Lisa Adelson Introduction, Goals of Meeting, Agenda for 3 Days, Speakers Today  
  9:05AM 9:45AM John Cabecca 20,000 foot Overview of Current Challenges and USPTO Plans/Programs  
  9:45AM 10:30AM Design Branch Speaker

Design Challenges:

Rejections being made, status of 112 guidelines, 171 functionality, Hague

  10:30AM 10:45AM Break

Brought to you in part by: 


  10:45AM 12:15PM TBD

Panel Examiners.

Panel software and biotech issues, 101, 112, etc.

Helpful tips.

What are the thorny issues today?

What does the PTO want to see from Applicants / practitioners?

  12:15PM 1:30PM


Guest Speakers

Mike Caldwell, Anaqua

Lunch brought to you in part by: 


  1:30PM 3:00PM TBD

Panel of PTAB Judges.

Both software and biotech issues, 101, 112, etc.

Helpful tips.

What are the thorny issues today?

What does the PTO want to see from Applicants/practitioners?

  3:00PM 3:15PM Break

Brought to you in part by:  


  3:15PM 4:15PM TBD Ethics considerations  
  4:15PM 5:00PM TBD Pilot Programs Available  
  6:00PM 8:00PM NAPP WELCOME RECEPTION Marriott San Jose


DateTime InTime OutFunctionTopicLocation
7/28/2017 8:45AM 5:00PM General Sessions   USPTO
  7:30AM 5:00PM Registration    
  8:00AM 9:00AM BREAKFAST    
  9:00AM 9:45AM NAPP  Announcements  
  9:45AM 10:45AM Russ Slifer

Patent validity in a Post-Alice world.

Current court perspectives on patent law, subject matter eligibility, and patentable innovations.

How courts collaborate with the USPTO's Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB).

Recent United States District Court and Federal Circuit Court decisions.

  10:45AM 11:00AM Break

Brought to you in part by: 

  11:15AM 12:15PM Karl Hanson Design Challenges: 171 (the opposite of 101!) and 112 Issues  
  12:15PM 1:15PM


Guest Speaker: Marshall Phelps

Lunch brought to you in part by: 


  1:15PM 3:00PM

Dr. Bernard Greenspan

Michael Borella

How to Address/Fix 101 Issues  
  3:00PM 3:15PM Break  

Brought to you in part by: 

  3:15PM 4:15PM Mike Songer When Things Go Wrong  
  4:15PM 5:00PM Kent Richardson Patent Monetization: Buy, Sell, License, Hold?  
  5:00PM 7:00PM Transition / Break    
  7:00PM 10:00PM NAPP 

NAPP Social Event brought to you in part by:

The Tech Museum of Innovation


DateTime InTime OutFunctionTopicLocation
7/29/2017 8:45AM 4:30PM General Sessions   USPTO
  7:30AM 4:00PM Registration    
  8:00AM 9:00AM BREAKFAST NAPP Annual Meeting (members)  
  9:00AM 10:30AM


Priya Cloutier 

Diane Gardner 

U.S. Case Law Updates

Mechanical and software (45 min)

Biotech and pharma (45 min)

  10:30AM 10:45AM Break    
  10:45AM 11:15AM Lisa Adelson U.S. Case Law Updates: Design  
  11:15AM 11:45AM Jonah Probell Patenting for the Small Company  
  11:45AM 1:15PM


Guest Speaker

PederCarlborn, Acumass

Bruce Young, Running Your Own Business


Lunch brought to you in part by: 

  1:15PM 2:45PM


Mavis Gallenson

Takashi Fujita

David Dickerson

Kenny Ko

Foreign Practice:

Gallenson - PCT/Int’l | TBD

Fujita - JP Practice | Enablement/support requirements in Japan as relevant to bio/chem

Dickerson - EP Practice | EPO equivalents of 35 USC 101  UPC

Ko - CN Practice | Comparative analysis of post-Alice “abstract idea” doctrine and SIPO practice

  2:45PM 3:00PM Break    
  3:00PM 3:45PM Louis Hoffman Patent Agent Privilege  
  3:45PM 4:30PM

David Stein

TBD - Software

TBD - Biotech



Lisa Adelson

Case Hypo






  4:30PM 4:45PM Lisa Adelson CLOSING REMARKS  
  5:00PM 6:00PM NAPP  Board Meeting  


Conference Fee: Register Online Today

All One Day Conference registrations will include breakfast, lunch and the scheduled social event for the day of attendance.

All Full Conference registrations include breakfast, lunch for all three days, the Thursday Welcome Event and the Friday Evening Event.

*The NAPP board decided to offer a special accommodation (pricing) for those who wish to attend Thursday/Friday but cannot attend Friday night/Saturday for religious reasons. for more details please contact | (919)230-9635

Please Join NAPP as a member prior to event registration for maximum savings.

  Member Price Member Price Nonmember Price Nonmember Price
Full Conference
  • Student
  • Academic
  • Associate
  • Practitioner
  • Student
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  • Practitioner
Early (til' - May 26)  $75  $695  $95  $895
Regular (May 27 to Jun 30)  $75  $795  $95  $995
Late (Jul 1 - til')  $75  $895  $95  $1095
One Day Pass  NA  $295  NA  $295
Thursday Welcome Event (for guest)  $25      
Friday Evening Event (for guest)  $75      


Hotel Information

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Flight Bookings

The Bay Area has three major airports with airline service (international airports)

Norman Y. Mineta San José International Airport (SJC)
San Francisco International Airport (SFO)
Oakland International Airport (OAK)


If you require additional assistance or a special accommodation please contact J.J. Meidl | (919)230-9635

Annual Meeting & Conference Sponsor/Exhibitor? Please go to AMC San Jose Exhibitor site.

Cancellation Policy

  • All NAPP fees are non-refundable. If you cancel your registration, it cannot be reinstated for the current year's Annual Meeting and Conference.


    • You may defer your registration from the current year's Annual Meeting and Conference to the following year's event.
    • The fee to defer a registration is: $75
    • Attendees who have guaranteed entry cannot cancel a second time and become eligible for registration in following year.
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